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Funky Jewelry Box

Erika Finney, a fun and spunky young artist, creates a handpainted funky jewelry box.

Materials and Tools:

wooden box
small screwdriver
joint compound
small trowel
white primer
glossy polyurethane
balsa wood
small handsaw
small silver hinges
drill with small bit
small metal knob with screw
small measuring tape
1/2 yard of satin material
acrylic paint, black, purple, blue, lime green, dark green, yellow, white, red
fabric glue
wood glue
craft knife

Figure A


1. Remove hardware and brass hinges from the wooden box with a screwdriver.

2. Apply joint compound to the top and bottom of the box with a trowel to add texture to the outside of the box. Spread the compound as if you were icing a cake (figure A).

Figure B

3. Create a design in the wet joint compound with your fingers or the end of a paintbrush handle (figure B). Allow to dry for two days.

4. Apply a coat of white primer to the dry joint compound. Allow to dry for three to four hours.

Figure D

5. Paint over the design with acrylic paint:

  • outline the flowers with black
  • add purple and blue for the flower petals
  • red for the flower centers
  • dark green for the background on the top of the box
  • add white highlights
  • paint one side of the box blue with white clouds (figure D)
  • paint the other side yellow with black polka dots
  • paint one end purple
  • paint the other end light green
Allow to dry for three to four hours.

6. Apply a coat of glossy polyurethane to the box's exterior. Allow to dry for six to seven hours.

Figure H

7. Measure the inside of the box with a measuring tape and decide how many dividers to make for jewelry organization. Cut balsa wood to the desired dimensions using a craft knife. Remember to include an insert for the top of the box, too.

8. Cut satin fabric to fit each wooden piece. Using fabric glue, cover each divider with fabric.

9. Glue the top and bottom inserts with wood glue. Insert the dividers into the inside of the box, attaching them with fabric glue (figure H).

Figure i

10. Drill a hole in the center of the top and attach a small metal knob (figure I).

11. Attach the silver hinges using a screwdriver.

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