Backyard Campground

Single mom Louise Whirly would like a backyard where her whole family can relax. Designer Tim Panchot transforms her boring yard into a woodsy retreat by adding pathways that lead to family-friendly fire pits, a deck and a tree fort.

  • Before: This huge backyard has lots of potential. The teens want a place to hang out with friends, while their mom wants a quiet natural sanctuary to sit and read a book. But right now, all that's here is an ugly white fence and an old sandbox.
  • After: Taking advantage of the existing shade trees, a north woods campground has been created. The once overgrown sandbox has been transformed into a deck with comfortable Adirondack chairs. A bluestone path ties this campy retreat together. glacial boulders — Hedberg Aggregate
  • Before: The shed is an eyesore, but the homeowner really needs the storage.
  • After: The shed has been given a facelift. It adds the feeling of a guesthouse. Because real iron hinges were pricy, an easy and inexpensive solution is to hand-paint the fixtures, complete with hinges and doorknobs.
  • After: The fort has been reinforced with new wood beams for added strength. It's now a fun place for the teens to hang out with their friends.
  • Before: This old fort is an unfinished project that is structurally unstable and takes up space.
  • Once an odd, unsightly fixture in the back of the yard, this fence features a handpainted mural of a lake scene, adding lots of character to the retreat.


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