Living Large

Discover how homeowners in four cities are living large in small dwellings by maximizing art and architecture. Try some of their ideas in your small space.

  • Vacuum-formed white plastic looks exactly like bricks once painted.
  • The cutout doesn't have to be a boring square shape, just make sure it's big enough for your largest cat to go through.
  • There's storage space under the riser.
  • It's important to think multipurpose when designing a small space.
  • Retro-modern furnishings in light tones, minimal accents and soft white walls enhance the wide-open feeling.
  • Rolling features allow flexibility in spaces.
  • Since the couple is expecting a baby, they plan to turn the guest room/office into a nursery/office.
  • Exposed eaves in a house can scale back high ceilings.
  • It's a design solution that's much easier and more cost-effective than building a frame wall and it takes up less space.
  • Remember shelves don't have to be rectangular boxes.
  • Don't forget to consider comfort as well as function when designing custom, multipurpose furniture.
  • Chalkboards are creative, easy pieces of wall art.
  • Minimalist doesn't mean colorless.
  • This simplistic shelf adds storage in the kitchen.
  • The proximity of the deck opens this space.
  • Make room for two by building the sink outside the bathroom.


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