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Jean Pillow

Louise Richer makes a decorative pillow out of a pair of jeans.

Materials and Tools:

1 pair of old jeans
5 large buttons
1/2 yard of rhinestone ribbon
2 rubber bands
different color ribbons — 4 of each color (12 inches long)
yellow embroidery floss
embroidery needle
jewel glue
seam ripper
roll of paper towels
polyfiber and a pair of nylon stockings — optional*
*Polyfiber and nylon stockings were not featured in this segment, however, instructions are provided for those who wish to make a more resilient decorative pillow.

Figure A


1. Cut one leg off a pair of jeans. Hold the leg at both ends (figure A) and rub them together under running water. Throw the jean leg in the dryer to attain a frayed look.

2. Cut and fill one leg of a nylon stocking with polyfiber material to make the pillow insert. Tie with a knot to secure. Note: Or insert a roll of paper towels into the pant leg for a quickly made decorative jean pillow.

Figure D

3. Using needle and embroidery floss, sew buttons to the double seam side of the jean leg, starting in the center(figure D).

4. Remove one back pocket from the jeans with a seam ripper.

5. Stitch this pocket to the inside seam side of jean leg with a running stitch and an embroidery needle and floss.

Figure E

6. Glue rhinestone trim to the pocket using jewel glue (figure E).

7. Insert the nylon stocking filled with polyfiber inside the jean leg if you wish to make a sturdy jean pillow. Note: Insert a roll of paper towels for a quick jean pillow that is for decoration only.

8. Tie both ends of the jean leg with rubber bands.

9. Tie pretty ribbons to both ends of your jean pillow.

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