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Cartoon Clocks

Norris Hall constructs cartoon clocks.

Materials and Tools:

clock body and face templates
clock movements
metal rod
2 pieces of tempered hardboard*
die sublimation printer with paper
band saw
wood glue
heat press
black acrylic paint
L bracket
safety glasses
*One piece should be coated with thin ceramic that accepts die sublimation ink.

Figure B


1. Create the concept sketch on paper.

2. Scan the sketch into the computer in a graphics template.

3. Add color to the image within the graphics program on the computer until it appears cartoon-like (figure B).

Figure C

4. Make a color print of the finished images on a die sublimation printer, reversing the images so they will appear correctly when transferred to the coated wood (figure C).

5. The type of wood used doesn't come in the desired thickness, so a 1/4-inch piece of tempered hardboard is glued to a tempered ceramic-coated wood using wood glue. To compress the pieces together, place heavy weights on top until the glue dries.

Figure E

6. Trace the clock body, face and toothbrush shapes onto the wood using templates (figure E). Wearing safety glasses cut out the pieces using a band saw. Sand the edges of the wood.

7. Place the ink side of the printed image face down onto the pre-coated wood and put the two into the heat press. Press down for one minute to transfer the image.

Figure J

8. Paint the edges of the wood pieces with black acrylic paint.

9. Assemble the wood pieces using an L bracket to attach the clock face to the base. Attach the toothbrush to the clock pendulum using a metal rod. Make sure the brush lines up with the teeth on the image (figure J). Add the clock's hardware parts to the face.

Norris Hall from Murfreesboro, Tenn., has been drawing cartoon-like characters since he was a young boy. Always a fan of comic books and cartoon art, Hall used to make street art and airbrush his designs onto t-shirts when he started out. He continued his drawing and began to paint his characters onto furniture. Eventually he discovered what would be his signature craft when he began to apply his artwork to his homemade cartoon clocks.


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