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Extra Tips: Beth Levin

A Mission: Organization guest shares tips for getting a garage in order.

Pro Organizer Beth Levin of Closet Queen

Professional organizer and Mission: Organization guest Beth Levin offers web-exclusive tips.

  • Make three distinct areas for all of the items, and label them Toss, Keep and Donate. The Toss and Donate items should be separated in heavy-duty garbage bags just outside the garage doors.

  • The items remaining in the garage will be the ones you will keep. Those should also be separated into categories. Typical garage groupings include things like sporting equipment, laundry, tools and car care, gardening supplies and holiday items.

  • Once the items are sorted, designate zones throughout the periphery (inside walls) of the garage for each categorized section, using as much wall space as possible.

  • Shelving is vital for garage storage. Inexpensive shelving can be purchased from a home-improvement store, or more expensive custom cabinets can be installed.

  • Clear plastic bins work well in garages because they protect the contents from the elements. Each bin should be labeled clearly with its category.

  • A variety of sports organizers are widely available and work well for organizing sporting equipment.

  • Don't be afraid to liven up the garage with colorful paint. It can add personality to an otherwise boring space.


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