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Hip Pouch

Lauren Morlock designs a trendy leather hip pouch with a metal 'woman with wings' enhancement.

Materials and Tools:

carmel nubuck leather
round leather cord
brass sheet
brass round wire
nickel silver sheet
sterling silver tubing
sterling round wire
jeweler's saw
tube jig cutter
tube rivets
steel wool
center punch
safety glasses
letter punches
utility knife
paper binding clips
leather punch


1. Draw desired body (woman with wings) design on paper. Glue the paper body design to the brass sheet. Saw the body out of the brass sheet.

2. Saw wings out of nickel silver sheet (figure A).

3. File all edges.

4. Sand with 220-grit sandpaper.

5. Texture with steel wool.

6. Mark, center punch and drill holes where the metal piece will attach to the leather pouch (figure B).

7. Stamp desired phrase onto metal using letter punches and hammer.

8. Cut rivet pieces from tube rivet material. Set the rivets, attaching the body to the wings (figure E).

Waist strap buckle (not featured on air)

9. Saw two rectangular 3/4" x 2" pieces out of nickel.

10. File edges.

11. Clean with steel wool, flux and solder hook to back of one.

12. Pickle for three minutes.

13. Mark and drill holes.

14. Sand with 220-grit sandpaper.

15. Finish with a steel wool.

Hip Pouch

16. Tape the paper pouch pattern on the back of the leather and cut out with a utility knife.

17. Punch holes along edges with a rotary punch (figure G).

18. Rivet metal piece to the front of the bag with tube rivets.

19. Add a snap to the flap (figure H).

20. Glue lining to the back.

21. Stitch all pieces together with leather lace.

22. Rivet metal closure piece to leather belt with tube rivets.

23. Punch holes for closure and add grommets to waist strap (figure J).

"Like mother, like daughter" is definitely the case for Lauren Morlock of Miami, Fla. Some of her fondest memories are of sitting in her mother's studio watching her mom work wonders on metal. Morlock adds her own artistic flare for what's hip and trendy by mixing metal work with leather and suede as she does here to make a hip pouch.


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