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Handmade Book

Kristen Rae Luce blends a little bit of weaving, stamping and painting into her mixed media handmade book.

Materials and Tools:

Japanese book materials
7 pieces 6" x 12" acid free card stock
2 sheets of textured paper
bamboo blinds sample
scrap 6" x 12" card stock
8 skewers or chopsticks
assorted rubber stamps
walnut ink spray
fibers or threads
beads and charms
watch face
clear acid free glue
paper cutter
bone folder

Figure A


1. Paint a few pages of card stock (as many as you want) with watercolors for a unique look (figure A). Hang them on a clothesline to dry about 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Once dry, fold 6" x 12" sheets of card stock in half to 6" x 6" using a bone folder to get a smooth edge. Each folded page will be considered a signature.

Figure B

3. Create a spine template to bind the pages together (figure B):

  • Fold scrap card stock in half.
  • On the folded spine, prepare five sections to be cut.
  • Beginning 1/4 inch in from either end and 1/2 inch in between cut out the sections at the fold in a V-cut, about 1/2 inch deep.

Figure C

5. Align the template over each of the signatures* and mark out the V sections. Cut out the six V sections (figure C). *Remember: Each folded page will be considered a signature.

6. Slide a skewer or chopstick into the bottom of the front cover and weave through every other tab.

7. With spine on left, place front cover over first signature.

8. Slide the skewer into the bottom of the first signature and weave into the first empty tab of the front cover, then back to the first signature, etc., until the skewer exits out the top of the first signature.

Figure E

9. Add on a second signature. Slide the skewer into the bottom tab of the second signature and weave it into the first empty tab of the first signature, then back to the second signature, etc, until the skewer exits out the top of the second signature (figure E).

10. Continue adding third, fourth and fifth signatures and the back cover in the same manner. The final skewer slides exclusively into the two remaining empty tabs of the back cover.

11. Cut off the sharp skewer tips with scissors.

Figure G

12. Wrap and weave fiber through the top set of skewers and add dabs of glue occasionally to hold the fiber in place (figure G).

13. Tie a knot in the fiber to secure. Allocate enough fiber to thread a decorative dangle with beads and charms.

14. Repeat wrapping of fiber at the bottom.

15. Decorate and stamp all inside page and the cover. Spray with walnut ink to provide an aged look.

16. Glue a bamboo square onto the front cover.

Figure J

17. Glue on two smaller textured papers over the bamboo.

18. Glue on the decorate watch face (figure J).

Kristen Luce from Tulsa, Okla., has a flair for color and drama and it shows itself in her clothes, her attitude and yes her art. This multi media artist and crafter dabbles in everything from painting and jewelry to beautiful paper crafts. She's loved art since she was three years old, and has always given the utmost attention to detail with every piece she creates.


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