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Clay Press Bowl

Learn how to sculpt clay into an embellished heart and clay press bowl.

Project by Lindsey Bailey from Nashville, Tenn.

Materials and Tools:

raku clay
under glazes
plastic ribs
metal mixing bowls
bamboo brushes
rubber stamps


1. Line a metal mixing bowl with newspaper.

2. Press pieces of clay into a lined bowl.

3. Smooth the clay with a rubber rib and a damp sponge. (Be sure the sponge is not too wet.)

4. Shape a clay heart embellishment with your hands.

5. Fire to bisque — 04.

6. Paint desired pattern with under glaze on the inside and outside of bowl.

7. Dry (depending on weather) for up to a week.

8. Fire to set under glaze — 06.

9. Cover with clear glaze. The glaze will adhere the heart to the bowl. Place the heart embellishment into any chosen position.

10. Glaze fire — 06.

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