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Utopia Chair

Guest Joe Bohrer designs an unconventional yet functional utopia chair.

Project by Joe Bohrer from Oklahoma City, Okla.

Joe Bohrer grew up loving all things about classic cars: the colors, the lines and the way they made him feel. Art has always played a part in his life, just like the cars, but it's only been in the last few years that he has found a way to bring these passions together. He calls it his "urban art" which for him is a magical melding of artistic vision and function. He builds everyday chairs that are cool like classic cars, and they look like 'em, too!


MDF- Medium Density Fiberboard for the chair's back and base
faux fur
metal brackets and bolts
body grinder
chair templates
permanent marker
oil based wood stain
spray paint
staple gun
ratchet wrench

Figure A

1. Design and sketch the chair on MDF.

Figure B

2. Cut out one back and three base pieces using a jigsaw.

3. Sand the edges with the hand and power sander.

4. Draw additional detailed designs on the chair backing with a pencil.

Figure C

5. Cut V-shape groove lines with a utility knife. This will separate the backing of the chair into two sections. Both sections will be painted different colors.

6. Sand the groove smooth with a small piece of sandpaper.

Figure D

7. Detail one section of the backing using a body grinder. Leave the other section smooth to provide contrast.

8. Drill nut and bolt holes where the chair will be attached.

Figure E

9. Mask off backing then spray paint the smooth section red and the grinded area black. Let dry.

10. Stain all base pieces. Dry completely.

Figure F

11. Sand the backing and other chair pieces by hand to rough up the look of the chair.

12. Add details to the back with colored pencils and permanent markers. Highlight specific areas along the edges as desired.

Figure G

13. Assemble the chair using the one-piece metal bracket and bolts. Note: Separate individual brackets can also be used.

Figure H

Prior to assembling, paint, grind and sand the bolts to age the pieces.

Figure I

14. Place the foam on the seat section and wrap the fabric around the seat and staple to the back of the seat piece.

Figure J

Attach the seat to the chair base with screws.

Figure K

15. As a final touch, add signature bolts and nuts to pre-drilled holes in the back of the chair.



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