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Rusted Tin Art

Convert a mint tin into an art piece with these step-by-step instructions by guest Beverly Seymour.


mint tin
laminate counter sample
metal paper holder
B Line Designs rubber stamps
strip of copper
rubber gloves
glass container
matte sealer
a piece of rusted tin - optional
black stamp pad
acetylene torch
needle nose pliers
letter punches (a - r - t)


1. Sand the tin to remove paint.

2. Mix vinegar and bleach in equal amounts in a glass container Tip: Mix bleach and vinegar in a well-ventilated area—outdoors preferably.

3. Place the tin in the bleach and vinegar solution and allow the chemicals to rust the tin. For a faster reaction, add a rusted piece of tin to the solution.

4. Remove the rusted tin and place it on a paper towel and let dry.

5. Spray with matte sealer.

6. Stamp a piece of card stock with a small black and white checked stamp. Cut or tear a section of the stamped paper slightly larger than the laminate countertop sample.

7. Stamp the counter sample with black ink.

8. Glue the stamped countertop sample onto the card stock.

9. Hold one end of a metal paper binder clip with pliers and heat it with a torch to change the color of the metal.

10. Using an awl, poke holes in tin for the counter samples and paper holder.

11. Heat a piece of copper with the torch to discolor it. Hold the copper with pliers and punch the word "A R T" into the copper using letter punches and a hammer.

12. Fasten the metal paper holder to the tin using wire twisted around to the back.

13. Attach the counter sample to the tin with a brad.

14. Hang the copper strip with onto one end of the paper holder.



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