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Abstract Wall Hanging

Guest Eric Dunn makes an asymmetrical abstract wall hanging constructed of wood and wrapped in painted canvas, giving it a tribal look.

Project by E. Thurston Dunn from Las Vegas, Nev.

Eric Dunn has a fashion background, having lived and worked in New York City for a while. After three years in the fast-paced Big Apple, he moved to the Las Vegas area and is now studying to be a substitute teacher. Since settling in Vegas, Dunn has had more time to be creative, and he has begun to make abstract wall hangings, masks and garments. He shows how to make an asymmetrical art piece constructed of wood and wrapped in painted canvas, giving it an organic, tribal look.


2 wood pieces (2" x 8')
10, 2" screws
1 yard of unprimed canvas
acrylic paint
upholstery staple gun
5/8" staples
hand sewing needle
drilling tool
filing tool
hanging wire or twine


1. Saw wood strip into the following pieces:

  • four feet
  • three feet
  • two feet
  • 10 inches

2. File corners to prevent hard edges.

3. Stack wood pieces one on top of the others.

4. Once desired shape is established, flip wood pieces over and drill holes in the back for screws.

5. Screw pieces together from the back so they will be hidden.

6. Cut or rip canvas into strips.

7. Attach edge of canvas to rear of structure with a staple gun.

8. Wrap or weave canvas strip around wooden structure and attach the other edge to the back of the structure.

9. Slash edges of strips with scissors. Attach to ends of wood with a staple gun.

10. Sew openings shut.

11. Wet entire surface of canvas and paint as desired.

12. Once paint has dried, spray with enamel to seal and protect.

13. Add screws and hanging wire or twine to the back of the structure.



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