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Art Pendant

Guest Jennifer Benjamin crafts a beautiful melted glass art pendant. Follow these step-by-step instructions.


shard of glass or piece of glass
sheet of iridescent, transparent plastic ribbon wrap (found in gift wrap section)
UTEE--ultra thick embossing powder
melting pot for embossing powder (heats to 320 degrees)
26-gauge gold wire
heat resistant work pad
black leather cord
wood skewer
needle nose pliers
wire snips


1. Turn the melting pot on and pour the UTEE in, approximately 1/4 inch deep.

2. Turn to UTEE setting, attach the lid and let melt for approximately three to four minutes.

3. Unroll a length of the gold wire.

Figure A

4. Randomly wrap the glass shard (or cut a piece using glass cutter) with the gold wire, leaving a 4-inch piece at the top. This piece eventually becomes a loop that holds the pendant.

5. Place a piece of iridescent wrap on the heat resistant work pad.

Figure B

6. Hold the glass piece by the wire end and dip one side of the glass into the pot.

Figure C

7. Immediately remove the glass and lay it flat onto the iridescent sheet and press down. Lift up the piece and trim away excess wrap leaving enough to cover the sides.

8. Re-dip the pendant on the opposite side and immediately place it back on to the iridescent sheet to cover the other side.

Figure D

9. Re-dip the pendant into the melted embossing powder completely submerging it. Do this until you're satisfied with the look, and then cover the pendant completely with the melted powder as a sealant.

Figure E

10. Wrap the remaining wire three times tightly around the skewer to create the loop where the pendant will dangle. Wrap the rest of the wire around itself and cut it with snips.

Figure F

11. String the pendant onto a black leather cord and tie into a bow and it's ready to wear!



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