Extra Backyard Room

A backyard gets a makeover and more space.

  • With small rooms in the house, the homeowners are eager to extend their living space into the backyard, but there's no definition between this yard and the neighbor's.
  • Now it's a private outdoor sitting room, perfect for entertaining and relaxing.
  • All the different elements in this yard make it look messy.
  • Recycled cobblestone pavers define the area.


    • Stephen Mastey, ASLA
      Landscape Designer
      Landscape Architecture, Inc.
      Website: www.landarcinc.com
    • Ross Lumley
      Ross Construction, Inc.
      Phone: 763-323-4956
      Website: www.rosslumley.com
    • Damon Roth
      Landscape Contractor
      Tier One Landscaping
      Phone: 612-363-3603
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