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Trash to Treasure: Letter Stenciling

Robb Whittlef shows Joan Steffend how to turn stencils into great home accessories.

Mirrors of different shapes and sizes can be made into a unique wall hanging. Create stencils on a home computer using a variety of fonts. Cut out the letters and spray the back of the paper with spray mount; allow paper to dry until tacky. Adhere the stencil to the mirror then cover with spray paint.

All Bottled Up

Stencil letters on a collection of decorative bottles. Arrange the bottles to create your own personal message.

Spell It Out

When the stenciling is complete, recycle the stencils into a piece of wall art. Adhere the stencil to a backboard within a frame. Raise the stencils a bit off the backboard to let them stand out. Decorate with flowers or other accessories.

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