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Before and After: Dramatic Living Room Makeover

A living room gets a new look with color and contemporary accents.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Keri Beyer take a fairly good living room and transform it into a dramatic space for $500. The makeover elements include:

Paint and Molding - $39
To highlight the fireplace the surrounding wall is painted in a purple accent color. A stripe on the adjoining wall is painted the same color. The purple is then dry-brushed with silver for extra pizzazz and texture; black stripes finish the edges. Molding is placed around an unwanted hole above the fireplace. A large painting is hung up over the hole creating the focal point of the room.

Rug - $120; Rattan Lounge Chair - $93
A colorful area rug is placed under the coffee table and a rattan lounge chair is added for more seating. A bold red stripe is painted on the lounge and a purple pillow is added for a punch of color.

  • rattan lounge chair: IKEA - Karslund 6008 1668
  • area rug: HOM Store

Coffee Table - $5
A whimsical, family-friendly design is stenciled onto a glass-top coffee table using homemade stencils and etching compound.

TV Garage - $11
To conceal the television, bifold door hinges are attached to a shoji screen. The screen is then attached to a cabinet-surround creating a TV garage.

Sofa Table/Beverage Cart - $41; Accent Lamps - $32
A metallic sofa table/beverage cart is created using wire wastebaskets and sheet metal.

For the tabletop a large piece of plywood is covered with flashing. Two square pieces of plywood are also covered with flashing for the base of the pedestal, then four wheels are attached to the bottom of each base. The flashing is rubbed with steel wool for a polished-chrome look. The pedestals are assembled by fastening the wire wastebaskets to the two rolling-base squares. The tabletop is attached to the two pedestals.

  • white accent lamps: IKEA – 70029236

Lamp - $22
The sleeves on an old shirt are sewn up and fringe is added to the bottom to create an unusual lampshade.

Corner Table - $45
A corner table is added to replace a section of the over-sized couch.

Accessories - $92
Mylar tag-board is used to give the wall-sconce shelves an updated look. Existing pillows are cut down and re-covered with new fabric, and a new beaded pillow is added. A few new accessories complete the living room makeover.

  • beaded pillow: Pier One – 2018468 - $20
  • fabric - $34
  • Mylar tag board - $1
  • accessories on shelves - $14
  • accessories on sofa table - $23

Total Cost - $500

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