From Worn to Wonderful

Designer Kem Thelig transforms a bland, boring, worn-down house with a gorgeous Japanese-inspired makeover.

Before: Worn-Down House

Ian Schmidt and his girlfriend, Lisa Chadwick, hate the front of the house. The old shingles are cracked, the paint color is dark and dull and the landscaping is just a mess and is taking over the front yard. Designer Kem Theilig is up for this challenging makeover with a plan for a Japanese-inspired theme.


    • tiles—Heath Ceramic Tile
      Phone: 415-332-3732
    • cedar siding—Western Red Cedar Lumber
    • Roofing from Certainteed Roofing
    • front door—Allwood Doors
      Phone: 415-822-8900
    • windows—Hanson Custom Wood Windows
      Phone: 510-261-1608
    • landscape glass pieces—The Red Shovel Glass Company
      Phone: 415-285-7814
    • outdoor lighting—Yard Bright
      Toll-free: 866-562-1224
    • house numbers—Custom House Numbers
      Toll-free: 888-868-3567
    • yoga studio—Yoga Tree
      Phone: 415-626-9707
    • front door and French door hardware—Bona Decorative Hardware
      Phone: 513-321-7877
    • Alex Luna-Victoria—ALV Construction, Inc.
      Phone: 650-670-0804
    • Etched glass from Arnone Glass Art
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