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Small, Smaller, Smallest

These space-saving tricks and impressive designs prove you don't have to sacrifice style in a tiny home.

Converted Garage
Jamie White spent six years practicing law in Japan. When he decided to become a landscape architect, he returned to Austin, Texas, and converted an abandoned three-car garage into a comfortable Japanese-style home. He took risks and used innovative materials to bring light and life into a once dark and neglected place.

For a great space, think outside the box. White turned each garage bay into a separate room to create the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

These 2x4 beams, original to the garage, give the illusion of height to low ceilings.

A long and low shelf from a hardware store gives extra storage without adding a bulky piece.

Open kitchen shelving does double duty as display space for favorite collections. Not so neat? Put dishes behind closed doors.

What do a houseboat, converted garage, high-end apartment and historic townhouse all have in common? They're all less than 1,000 square feet and creatively make the most of their very limited space through smart storage and innovative design. See if some of these ideas work for your home.

Sleek Houseboat
Tired of the renters' life, Wayne and Kelly Greenwood decided it was time to become homeowners. With real estate costs through the roof, they built a home without the land! Their smart and sleek houseboat allows the newlyweds to live and work together in their very own small, fabulous floating home.

Double kitchen cabinet storage by stacking items from below and hanging more stuff above.

If you entertain a lot, don't make the TV the focal point in the living room. This small one mounted to the ceiling doesn't obstruct the great view of the water.

A collapsible ironing board tucks into a drawer when it's not in use. The Greenwoods also have a washer/dryer combo to conserve space.

Narrow Historic Home
At seven feet wide, homeowner Jack Sammis can almost reach the outside walls of his home with his arms fully extended. Combining Asian elements with classic design, the rich colors and tasteful decor result in a warm and exotic feel in this sliver of a home in Old Town Alexandria.

You'd be surprised how functional a small kitchen can be.

This swag of fabric over the bed adds a regal touch.

Take the party outside to this small yet energized patio area.

High-End NY Apartment
Sarita Tabarez presented interior designer Paul F. Ochs III with a challenge. She wanted her small New York apartment to be cozy and intimate, as well as place to work and entertain. Ochs used clean lines and punches of color to give the space a relaxing feel and the drama that Tabarez desired.

Lowering the ceiling allowed for a four-poster canopy that gives the red bedroom an even cozier feeling.

Can't find a stylish hamper? Use a large decorative pot to hold dirty laundry.

Planning is key with a small kitchen, but Tabarez has been able to entertain 24 people in her hardworking space.

Beautiful hand-carved pocket doors from India disguise a closet-turned-home office.


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