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How to Create Taffeta Drapes With Fringe

Turn taffeta and craft felt into heavy, sumptuous drapes with soft fringe along the inner edges. Follow these step-by-step instructions.


craft felt
brush fringe
ring clips


1. Start with the right side of the taffeta panel facing down on your work surface (sew the bottom hem in place first). Iron-in the side hems ahead of time as well. Lay a panel of white felt (cut three inches shorter than the taffeta and eight inches narrower) over the top about two inches up from the bottom. Sew the bottom hem in the lining and place it on top of the felt, about one inch up from the taffeta, so the right side is facing out. The lining should be cut to the same size as the felt on the sides. Fold the side hems of the taffeta over so the raw edges are covered; pin, and then stitch the side hems in place.
2. For the header, fold a double one-inch hem and sew it into place after pinning. Sew the brush fringe along the inside edges once the panel is complete.

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