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Riverview Kitchen

A modern kitchen is remodeled with scenic views in mind.

Gail and CJ Seitz turned their much-too-modern kitchen into a spacious, light-filled room with the help of designer Cathi Hodgins. She reworked the layout and infused the room with a more traditional style to complement the existing Victorian architecture.

A wall of sliding doors allows the homeowners to take advantage of the river breeze. As CJ says, "This is our favorite place in the house. We live in this kitchen. It’s probably the most used room in the house."

Meal Prep Made Easy

Multiple work areas make meal preparation easy. The elevated counter on the island shields the cooking area from guests; in the cabinets below is ample storage for dinnerware, dry goods and pots and pans.

The Beverage Zone

In lieu of a traditional closed-door butler's pantry, designer Cathi Hodgins integrated the space into the main kitchen. Glassware and a beverage center (with ice maker and wine refrigerator) are now within easy reach, which is perfect for guests who don't mind helping themselves.

Island Seating

Seating was incorporated into the island with a table made out of the same wood as the elevated counter. Chairs face outside to take advantage of the river view.

Cabinet Trend

A trend right now is to use two different types of cabinetry. Here, creamy white painted cabinets are paired with natural wood.


    • Catherine Hodgins
      Designer, Kitchen By Design
      1855 Marsh Road
      Wilmington, DE 19810
      Phone: 302-529-7015
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