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Less Space Doesn't Mean You Can't Have More Style

Living with less space doesn't mean living without style.

These four homes and their creative occupants prove that less can be more than you ever imagined. See how many of these clever ideas you can incorporate into your small space.

Tiny Tumbleweed House
Bring on the simple life. Jay Shafer designed and built a home smaller than some people's bathrooms. Shafer and his fiancée, Jennifer Thomas, sleep, cook and even entertain in this tiny abode.

This tiny house has everything you need in a ridiculously small 70 square feet including a kitchen, living/dining area, sleeping loft and a small bathroom.

Store a rack of dishes right above the sink to drip dry. Put a cutting board over the sink when it's not in use for more surface area.

Have high ceilings? Try a loft bed. This one is accessed via a ladder Shafer tucks away each morning.

Asian Inspirations
Five years ago, Meral Karasulu's home was a dingy 1,000-square-foot apartment in downtown Washington, DC. She wanted a modern backdrop for her Italian furniture and art collection with a state-of-the-art dream kitchen and an Asian-inspired bedroom and bath. After a year of renovations (and three contractors), the apartment has been completely transformed into an open, airy, Zen-like space.

Sometimes you have to listen to your architect. Karasulu resisted, but was happy hers insisted on this simple wall with niches, which sets the tone for the room. A restful bedroom means no clutter.

Turn up the visual interest on everyday kitchen utensils by hanging them on a rod mounted under your cabinets.

A pull-out pantry puts all the ingredients within reach and reminds Karasulu of the pantries every kitchen in her native country, Turkey, has.

Eclectic Mix
Brothers John and Frank Navin live in the same Chicago apartment building where John's 980-square-foot home has lavish details like Italian blown glass light fixtures and Prada fabrics. With Frank's help, he successfully blends his two favorite design styles, mid-century modern and 17th century colonial.

Murals give small spaces big impact. This one is a great backdrop for the colonial chairs placed in front of it.

Plexiglas side tables float as a coffee table for a '50s davenport and also provide storage while keeping the room light.

Free color samples sewn into patchwork curtains are all the color needed in this monochromatic kitchen.

  • Mixing styles is easy if you stick to one color. In this home, the dark wood floors tie in perfectly with the dark furniture pieces.

  • Not so neat? Put all your clothing behind closed closet doors!

Pure Small Luxury
Who says you can't live luxuriously in 300 square feet? Robert Nassar's tiny New York City apartment has every amenity you can imagine, carefully designed and scaled down to the millimeter.

This piece of furniture is actually many rooms rolled into one including a library, office, home entertainment center, a dining room and even a utility closet.

Storage doesn't just mean a closet, so be creative. Nassar uses the space behind and underneath his couch cushions to discreetly hide extra stuff.

Floor-to-ceiling stock kitchen cabinets offer plenty of clothing storage in a small bedroom and always look neat even if the contents aren't.


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