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A Yard Made for Two

The homeowners would like to transform the dense overgrown area into a relaxing family space.

Anna and her daughter, Lauren, love reading, scrapbooking and baking together in their ranch-style house, but they rarely spend time outdoors. Although they share creative endeavors inside, they don't know what to do with the backyard.

Anna decides to use Tom Scoble to create a refuge for her and her daughter. Scoble turns the backyard into an extension of Anna's house, and she now has a larger and more updated space. The new brick patio leading from the back door warms up the area and ties the entire yard together. By removing the spa, he can create a one of a kind star design inlay into the patio. Palm trees and other low maintenance plants add a touch of the tropics to this once overgrown jungle.


    • Glen Fretwell
      Landscape Designer
      Inside/Out Design
      Phone: 310-994-0338
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