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Moroccan Oasis

The Landscape Smart team creates a colorful Moroccan oasis that turns the garden space into an enchanting and charming outdoor room.

Homeowner Anna George's backyard is overgrown with vines that block most of the light. She wants to lighten up her space and add several seating areas with unique touches.

Before: The homeowner wants to transform her dark and neglected backyard into an expanded living space that's perfect for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying family activities.


After: The pergola becomes the framework for a colorful, Moroccan-themed outdoor room. The space is lighter and brighter, thanks in part to painting the pergola white and removing the wisteria vines that had covered its roof. Framed silk screens serve as "windows."

Patio furniture

The homeowner's patio furniture gets new life with fresh paint, and the table is converted into a coffee table.


A fountain set on a bed of pebbles becomes the focal point for the newly revamped area.


Simple wood planks convert planters into benches, providing a place to view the fountain.


    • Planter benches and hammock from
    • Beth Mullins
      Landscape Designer
      Grows Green Landscape Design
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