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Before and After: Playground Garden Transformation

The Landscape Smart team combines unique play features with sophisticated landscaping to transform their yard into a safe, fun area for kids and adults.

Homeowners Julie and Marc deBourbon have a small yard that they want to turn into a beautiful play area for their children.

Before: The homeowners have only a plain dirt yard for their two little boys to play in.

After: There's so much for the kids to do in this space, their parents will never get them inside.

After only two days of work there's a unique (and inexpensive to create) climbing wall that will keep the kids busy for hours, an updated play structure, a tunnel and more. A new lawn, plus beds filled with grassy plants, trees and bamboo complete this beautiful play garden.

Climbing holds are mounted on a piece of plywood that's fastened to the fence. The climbing wall has a built-in safety design: the holds are arranged in a horizontal rather than vertical fashion so children can climb sideways rather than up. Rubber mulch, made from recycled truck tires, serves as a safe groundcover, providing three times the shock absorbency of bark products.

One of this project's smart ideas is a tunnel under the deck, adding additional play space for the kids.

Rocks serve as adult-sized seats or places for the kids to jump.

A flowing pathway, made from flagstone and pebbles, resembles a river rock bed leading right into the yard.

A secluded seating area, complete with bamboo and a water feature, provide a resting place for the parents.

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