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A Romantic Garden

The Landscape Smart team combines antique interests, a granite patio and an arbor into a modern garden.

Sharon and Terry DiCarlo's garden lacks interesting features and focal points.

Before: The homeowners never use this backyard — and for good reason. The space consists of nothing but dirt and weeds.

After: The area is now a romantic oasis. Two distinct seating areas make the space usable for the whole family.

A water feature muffles the noise from the busy city street, while landscaped berms give the space a woodland feel. Heavily scented flowers turn an ordinary space into a unique urban oasis.

After: A plastic round for the top and three-liter champagne bottles for legs makes a "champagne table" on this crushed granite patio.

After: Planted berms provide a little extra interest to the otherwise flat terrain, and rebar provides vertical interest with an arbor and hand-rail.

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