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Functional Wood Sculpture

Alexander Brown explains his love for sculpting life-size wooden sculptures.

Alexander Brown spent his childhood playing in the bayous and woods of Louisiana, which is where he began to marvel at the beauty and wisdom of nature. With this passion for nature, he began sculpting life-size wooden sculptures from single pieces of wood, including functional pieces such as his popular alligator and cat benches, which range from 4 to 8 feet long.

Brown begins by carefully analyzing each block of wood to determine where the sculpture lies within and what form it is meant to take on. He uses cypress for its durability indoors and outdoor. Then he creates a rough drawing of the sculpture. This will show him where he needs to remove wood in large pieces with a chain saw. After removing the larger pieces, he uses a smaller chain saw to refine the cuts and shape the work. At this point sanders, die grinders, grinders and chisels are used to bring out more detail. Brown refines and cleans the wood to a 220-grit finish so it is very smooth; then he applies a finish to bring out the beauty of his new creation. Brown's functional wood sculptures are outrageous and fun. He feels very fortunate to be able to create art that nourishes both the mind and soul.

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