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Tuna Can Containers

Ginger Abernathy from Boulder, Colo., shows how to decorate a tuna can container with paint, beads and rubber stamps.

Materials and Tools:

clean-edge can opener
3 empty cans of tuna (thoroughly cleaned)
spray paint
acrylic paint
seed beads
4 large beads
epoxy glue
glass drawer pull
rubber stamp


1. Use a clean-edge can opener to remove the lids, then empty the contents and thoroughly clean the container.

2. Paint all parts of each can with spray paint. Do each one in a different color.

3. To the top can, find the center. Take an awl and tap a hole into the top of the tuna can. Use a tool to make a screw hole.

4. Use a glass drawer pull and attach that with a bolt to hold it in place.

5. Cover the top part of the top tuna can with epoxy, and sprinkle on glass beads.

6. Embellish the two stacking cans with stamping on the lid.

7. Add three flat-bottomed beads to the bottom tuna can using more epoxy. These will serve as the feet.

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