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Milagro Wall Hanging

Christine French from Cleveland, Ohio, shows how to make one of her specialties, a "milagro" pine cone wall hanging.

Materials and Tools:

paper pigment
retention aid
metal paint
clear spray
pine cones
paint-screen bag
paper towels
rubber gloves
heavy drop cloth plastic


  1. Make the pulp by combining newspaper and water in a blender.

  2. Dye the pulp with pigment and retention aid.

  3. Strain the water, and add glue to the pulp.

  4. Form the pulp into the shape of a heart shape on heavy plastic. Dry it with a fan.

  5. Build up the sides of the heart with the pulp. Let dry.

  6. Paint the inside of the heart with metal paint and patina. Again, use a fan to dry.

  7. Fix the inside with clear spray.

  8. Cover the surface of the heart with the pulp.

  9. Pull off the thistles of each pine cone is piece by piece.

  10. Cover the entire surface of the heart with thistles until complete.

  11. Dry the milagro with a fan.

  12. Paint the surface with clear spray.

  13. Make a hole in the back, and use a screwdriver to hang on the wall.

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