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Polymer Clay Native Jewelry Holder

Michelle Ross gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a polymer clay jewelry holder.

Materials and Tools:

Kato Polyclay 3 oz. packs: translucent, orange, red, brown, black, white, yellow
Kato T-Blade clay blade
14- and 24-gauge copper wire
round-nose pliers
chain-nose pliers
wire cutter
craft knife
burnt umber acrylic paint
3" x 4-1/2" x 3/4" thick wood block
several small rocks
jagged rock or coarse sandpaper
epoxy glue
#4 - 7/16" copper tacks
white glue


1. Mix the clay colors as follows:

  • For orange, mix 1/4 package orange with 1/4 package white.
  • For dark red/brown, mix 1/4 package of red with a half-marble size of black.
  • For cream/beige, mix 3/4 package of white, a marble-sized ball of yellow, and a half-marble-sized ball of brown.

2. Cut the following pieces of 14-gauge wire:

  • 18 inches for legs and body
  • 9 inches for arms and hands
  • 7-1/2 inches for "horns"
  • 8-inch-long piece for the spear

3. To assemble the wire body: Bend the 18-inch piece of wire in half with chain-nose pliers. Squeeze the wire together at the bend.

4. Below the bend 1-1/2 inch, put a twist in the wire to hold the arms.

5. Slide the 9-inch-long arm piece into the hole made by the twist. Secure it in place with 24-gauge wire.

6. Down 5-1/2 inches from the arm on the body, make a 90-degree angle bend on both pieces of wire. With the round-nose pliers, create a loop on each end. These will be the feet.

7. Spread the legs and hold the feet on the table to check that the body is vertical.

8. Shape the arms by making a bend 1-1/2 inch from center for the elbow. Make a loop at each end for the hands.

9. Beginning 1/2 inch from one end, wrap the 14-gauge spear with the 24-gauge wire. End the wrap 1/2 inch from the opposite end.

10. Put a loop in each end of the "horns" and wrap with 24-gauge wire from loop to loop.

11. Using the small copper nails, secure the wire body to the wood block.

12. Coat the wood base with white glue. Cover the block with brown clay and texture it with sandpaper or a jagged rock.

13. Roll the cream-colored clay on a #2 thickness. Cut very thin slices of the canes and place them randomly on the cream-colored clay. Use a roller or brayer to smooth the slices down.

14. Cut out the robe shaped from the sheet of clay and drape the clay on the wire form.

15. Shape a head or use a purchased mold.

16. Insert the "horns" by making a slit in the back of the head.

17. Make and place hair on the head.

18. Make two spear ends — one arrow shape and one feather shape — and push on spear.

19. Bake all for 45 minutes according to package directions and let cool.

20. Use burnt umber paint to bring out details on the face.

21. Glue rocks over and around the feet to conceal lumps.

22. Remove spear ends to hang jewelry as needed.

To make the translucent bull's eye canes:

  • Shape the translucent clay into 2-inch long logs.
  • Make three that are 3/8 inch in diameter and three that are 1/4 inch in diameter.
  • The 3/8-inch logs will be wrapped in sheets of clay that are a #3 thickness (Atlas pasta machine).
  • The 1/4-1nch logs will be wrapped in #5 thickness sheets.
  • One 2" x 3/8" log will be wrapped with an orange sheet that is rolled to a #3 thickness; do the same for one dark red/brown and one brown.
  • One 2" x 1/4" log will be wrapped with an orange sheet that is rolled to a #5 thickness; do the same for one dark red/brown and one brown.

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