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Mica and Metal Mesh Floating Leaf Candleholder

This floating candleholder is a unique way to display your candles. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

Project by Monica Heeren.


6mm thick black foam
5" x 6" medium weight ArtEmboss copper
5"x5" shellac bond mica
Sophisticated Finishes rust antiquing solution
WireMesh woven copper mesh
1" brass prong fastener
clear-cup tea light
Quik Grab contact adhesive
leaf pattern/drawing/clip art
spray sealer
compass circle cutter
heat gun
embossing stylus
small glass votive holder
spring clamp
tin snips (light weight)


1. Using compass circle cutter, cut two 3-1/4-inch diameter foam circles (figure A).

2. Pierce brass fastener through one foam circle approximately 1 inch from the outside edge (figure B). Glue the second circle to the bottom of the first circle and let dry.

3. Draw or trace a leaf onto copper sheet (figure C). Turn sheet over and trace around each of the lines.

4. Cut leaf out (figure D).

5. Blot rust antiquing solution onto leaf and let dry. When finish is desired color, spray with clear sealer (figure E).

6. Center foam under leaf with prong toward broad end. Pierce leaf with awl and push brass fastener through.

7. Draw or trace a 5-inch circle onto woven copper mesh. Cut out circle leaving a 1/16-inch border. Finger press the border toward inside of circle and burnish flat (figure F).

8. Mold mesh around bottom of votive holder and flute the sides. Position mesh flower on leaf, over fastener. Push brass fastener through mesh and separate prongs to secure.

9. Scribe a 5-inch circle onto mica. Scribe a 1-1/2-inch circle in the center of the 5-inch circle. Scribe a pie shape that is 1/4 of the circle (figure G).

10. Using lightweight tin snips, cut out large circle. Cut pie shaped wedge and remove. Cut the remaining amount of the inner circle (figure H).

11. Hold the mica edge with a spring clamp. Using heat gun, heat mica until flexible and roll into cone shape
(figure I).

12. Place mica flower inside mesh flower and add clear-cup tea light candle to finish.

SAFETY TIP: Remember, never burn a candle unattended


    • ArtEmboss copper and WireForm copper woven mesh from American Art Clay Co. Inc. (AMACO)
    • Clear tealight cups from CandleScience Inc.
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