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Copper Tree Garden Candelabra

Deby Cowdin of North Olmsted, Ohio, makes a garden "tree" that holds candles.

Deby Cowdin makes a tree out of copper pipe and copper grounding wire, embellished with a stained glass hummingbird and butterflies with fused flowers that hold candles. This tree can stay outside all year as a garden ornament.

Materials and Tools:

10 feet of 1/2" copper pipe
50 feet #6 copper grounding wire
5-1/2" x 5-1/2" wood board
six 45-degree copper fittings
60/40 solder
flux brush
Kwik Clean flux cleaner
Stik & Seal glue
7/32 copper foil
12-gauge pre-tinned wire
copper patina
stained glass
spectrum wispy green 2" x 8" strip
opaque blue iridized 4" x 4" square
fusible glass for flowers co 90
fusing paper thin
hummingbird kit with lead body
tea lights
floral moss
pipe cutter
propane torch
soldering iron
heavy-duty wire cutters
plastic fid
glasscutter and grinder or band saw
needle-nose pliers
2 clamps
small stainless-steel dipping cup for flower molds
zip strips
chop saw


1. Cut 3" x 3" squares for flowers. Cut fusing paper same size. Place fusing paper over dipping cups and glass on top.

2. Place in kiln; set kiln for slumping according to kiln usage. Firing takes about 9 hours.

3. Cut one piece of pipe at 17-1/2 inches, two at 16 inches, two at 14 inches, and two at 12 inches. Place 45-degree angles on the ends of all the pipes accept the tallest one. Put tallest piece in the center and arrange other pipes around 16-, 14-, 12-, 16-, 14-, 12-inch band with zip strip (to keep it together while you solder it).

4. Solder the middle of the copper wires all the way around. This will hold the trunk together. Clean all solder joints with flux cleaner.

5. Set tree trunk in the center of the 5-1/2-inch square board and trace. Cut the center with a router halfway through the board.

6. Wrap grounding wire all the way around the base of the tree about 1 inch from the first 45-degree angle. You can wrap this as loose or as tight as you want.

7. Cut about 30 pieces of grounding wire in various lengths ranging from 12 inches to 6 inches. These will be branches. Insert branches in the various holes coming off the pipes; you will be able to put four to six in each hole. Solder branches in the holes with a torch. Then clean with flux cleaner.

8. Patina all the soldered joints so tree is all copper; clean with flux cleaner.

9. Glue tree into 5-1/2-inch square board and let dry 24 hours.

10. Cut the shapes of about 8 ivy leaves out of the green glass. Cut wings for hummingbird and butterfly.

11. Grind glass pieces with grinder; apply copper foil to edges and secure with fid.

12. Solder all the glass pieces together for each item. On leaves, use pre-tinned wire as stem. Clean with flux cleaner.

13. Once tree has dried in stand, twist branches to make tree fill out. Secure ivy leaves to wire twisting around trunk of the tree; secure other with wires to branches.

14. Wrap branches around the flower cups so the cups face up.

15. Glue moss over the base board and embellish with pinecones, acorns, etc.


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