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How to Create a Fabric Photo Frame

Adding fabric to a regular photo frame gives more color and detail to your home decor. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

Project by Grace Taormina.


FabriCraft Peel "n" Stick Fabric: paisley with border 650151865, 1" printed paisley trim 650601065
10" x 10" illustration board
elastic cord
gold cord
bead trim
gold buttons
orange handmade paper
craft knife
double-stick tape
glue stick
screw punch
wire cutters
eyelet setter
green eyelets
hot glue gun
3-7/8" x 5-7/8" Plexiglas


1. Un-roll and cut an 11-inch length of paisley fabric. Cut borders off and set aside.

Figure A

2. Cut remaining fabric to 11" x 11". Remove adhesive and place sticky side up on table. Position illustration board centered on fabric (figure A).

Figure B

3. Trim corners on the fabric and fold selvedge to back of boards (figure B).

Figure C

4. Remove adhesive from previously cut border and adhere to top edge of frame (figure C).

Figure D

5. Cut 2" x 11" strip of orange handmade paper. Use glue stick to adhere to bottom edge of frame (figure D). Fold selvedge on sides to back of frame.

6. Cut 11-inch piece of bead trim. Cut 11-inch piece of paisley trim. Use double-stick tape to adhere bead trim to top edge of orange handmade paper.

Figure E

7. Adhere paisley trim over bead trim leaving beads free to dangle (figure E). Fold selvedge to back.

Figure F

8. Cut a 9-3/4-inch square of paisley fabric and cover back of frame (figure F).

9. Use wire cutter to cut off button shanks. Hot glue buttons onto frame.

Figure G

10. Position Plexiglas in place and use a pencil to mark eyelet holes at top and bottom of Plexiglas 1/2 inch from the sides (figure G).

Figure H

11. Use screw punch to drill holes and use eyelet setter to eyelet holes (figure H).

12. Drill two holes 1/2 inch from top edge and centered 4 inches apart with screw punch and insert eyelets.

Figure I

13. String gold cord through holes and secure with knots in back. String elastic cord vertically through holes; top left to bottom left and top right to bottom right (figure I).


    • Fabricraft Peel 'n' Stick Fabric from Delta Creative
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