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Stained Glass Garden Birdhouse

Project designed and demonstrated by Vicki Payne.

Materials and Tools:

14"x18" bluish-purple streaky glass
two 6' strips of 1/8" U brass came
5"x 13" sheet of 1/16" thick brass
10" copper foil that is 3/16" wide
12-gauge copper wire
copper/green patina
gold paint pen
lead-free solder
came notcher
pattern shears
grozing pliers
grinder or carborundum
soldering iron

Note: The finished birdhouse measures 8" x 4" x 7".

Figure A


1. Prepare two copies of a pattern, based on drawing in figure A.

2. Mark grain lines on pattern. Cut design from one copy. Trim outer edge of other copy.

Figure B

3. Adhere pattern pieces to glass Cut out pieces (figure B).

Figure C

4. Use grinder to smooth edges. Use wire nippers to cut corner angles (figure C).

Figure D

5. Wrap glass pieces in U-shaped brass (figure D).

Figure E

6. Solder joints where brass meets (figure E).

Figure F

7. Wrap house front with copper foil (figure F).

Figure G

8. Brush on flux and tin coat with solder. Put solder beads on sides of floor panel. Assemble and solder house floor and sides at all corners (figure G).

Figure H

9. Bend brass sheet in half, position for roof (figure H).

Figure I

10. Drill holes in roof. Slip wire through holes and twist to secure (figure I).

Figure J

11. Cut two U brass pieces. Slip together to form perch square. Solder perch to house front (figure J).

12. Paint foil edges. Apply patina to roof and lead.

13. Clean birdhouse with soap and water when finished.

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