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Hip Lavender Bedroom

A pastel palette adds life to a small bedroom.

The student who lives here says the awkward layout isn't conducive to studying or relaxing. Pretty pastel colors liven up the room while a creative furniture arrangement makes it functional.

Design Details
Kristan Cunningham, Dave Sheinkopf and Spencer Anderson transform the bedroom with a contemporary style and light and lively color palette.

Bed Area - $287
Cunningham makes a floor-to-ceiling upholstered "bed board" that fits in between the two windows. She cuts plywood in 20" x 20" squares, then cuts foam 3/4-inches shorter on each side so that when it's covered with fabric it creates a beveled effect. The upholstered squares are held together with mending plates and the entire piece is secured to the wall with a French cleat. (comforter and shams: Linens 'n Things - Indulgence, Ivory/025521602816/Purple 403443909334; side table: IKEA - Birch spraypainted white; shower curtains used for headboard fabric: Home Goods)
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Office Space - $260
Anderson builds a desk area with storage on top, task lights under the storage area and a tack board covered with the drapery fabric. Sheinkopf builds a bookcase out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and attaches it to the wall with a French cleat to lift it off the floor. (office furniture: Behr - Betty Chocolate 790B-7D/trim Gothic Amethyst 670F-5A)

Walls and Wall Art - $56
Anderson uses mirror tiles as a canvas for silhouette images. He covers the mirrors with self-adhesive paper, sketches a silhouette and cuts out the design with a craft knife. He peels up the center, spray paints the area white then pulls up the remaining paper to reveal the image. (walls: Behr - Purple Essence 660E-2U)

Window Treatments - $253
Dark lavender draperies add drama to the pastel palette, create height on the walls and give the room privacy. White Roman shades replace the vertical blinds. (Roman blinds: IKEA - Setaria, 50039302; lavender draperies - Al Greenwood; light purple fabric for drapery bands, pin hooks: Jo-Ann Fabrics)

Accessories and Lighting - $144
A shell chandelier over the end table brings in much-needed lighting and a green rug adds color to the floor. (chandelier: Urban Outfitters - 05220720410043099; rug: Urban Outfitters - 05210811807691215)

Project Total - $1,000

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