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Siblings Face Empty Nest

See how a cluttered bedroom gets organized by a pro.

Chavonna and Ebony Scott have shared a room since they were toddlers. But now that Ebony has left for college, it is clear that Chavonna's new roommate is clutter. Piles of clothes, old dolls and scattered papers leave little room to even walk in this space.

Professional organizer Kristin Long comes to the rescue. She intends to make the bedroom a functional space for Chavonna. She begins by moving Ebony's remaining items out of the room and helping Chavonna sift through all of belongings, deciding what should be kept or tossed.

Once she has a clean slate to work with, Long reveals her plan for the room: bringing in a new spacesaving trundle bed, a more functional dresser, and a new desk, creating zones as she goes. There will be a music area, study center, media area and reading corner.

Finishing touches will include replacing the carpet with hardwood floors and tearing down the wallpaper to apply fun, bright paint.


Before: The room was a cluttered mess of old, outdated items like dolls and clothes that Chavonna has since outgrown. There wasn't even a hint of organization.


After: Now there is plenty of space for Chavonna's clothes, music, entertainment and schoolwork. There's even extra space for Ebony to stay when she comes home from college.

Products from The Container Store:

two panty organizers for the dresser
three T-shirt organizers for the dresser
Elfa desktop, White (54" x 24" x 1")
two Elfa desk leg, Platinum
Elfa desk drawer unit mesh, Platinum
pneumatic lift desk chair, Black
four Elfa melamine shelves, White (12" x 24")
four Elfa melamine shelves, White (12" x 30")
12 Elfa solid shelf brackets, White (for 12" shelving)
three 60" Elfa hang standard, White
Elfa 56" top track, White
Wall anchors for ½" plywood
eight Elfa solid shelf connectors, White (set of two)
Mighty Magnetic Strip , Green
two Mighty Magnetic Strips, White
two pkgs. of 12 Mighty Magnetic cubes
six single-square metal bookends, Silver
set of two Bold Boxes, Green
four Shantung letter boxes, Blue

Products from Design Ideas:

Lookers media tower, Rainbow (36 CDs and 18 DVDs)
two Volt baskets, X-small, (hair item holder)
large Volt basket (hamper)
medium Volt basket (trashcan)
Looker's bureau
tall Sky vases, assorted colors (by the bed)
medium Sky vases, assorted colors (by the bed)
Lookers stuff box blue (shelves)
Lookers storage nest blue (top shelf)
two Lookers magazine files, Blue (shelves)
liquid Lookers frame, 4 x 6, assorted
stackable wine mesh rack
three Back + Forth bookshelves
six tiny square Lookers boxes, clear

Products from Children's Furniture Warehouse:

Classic Bed--Twin Better Basics, Natural
five-drawer chest
two mattresses

Products from Chocolate Fish:

16 Float a Notes, all colors
chrome flex mirror

Products from Lillian Vernon:

two beds, Crinkle Lamp Rose Pink

Products from Hangers Direct:

suit hanger chrome hardware, box of 100
belt hanger
pant/suit hanger chrome hardware, box of 25

Products from Home Decorators:

Soho Strata corner armchair, Green

Sherwin-Williams paint colors used:

two gallons Martha Stewart Chrysalis, satin
one gallon Martha Stewart Ink, satin
two gallons Martha Stewart Parchment, satin
3 qts. faux-finishing glaze
Preprite interior drywall primer
gallon DIF wallpaper stripper
shrink-free spackling

Products from Levolor:

cellular shade nonwoven in Candlelight

Products from Schulte:

closet storage system


Before: The closet was in disarray and full of clothes and shoes that were no longer worn.


After: Now it boasts an organized shelving system and a full-service dressing area as a bonus.

Study center

A new desk and study center stores all Chavonna's school supplies, while also providing a place for homework to be done.

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