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Grandma's Craft/Guest Room

A cluttered craft/guest room gets a bright green wall color and lots of organizational help.

Hosts Shari Hiller and Matt Fox transform a dull and cluttered room into vibrant workspace and a place where the homeowner's grandchildren can sleep. Since the homeowner creates her own jewelry, she needs a better method of organization while providing a comfortable room for her grandchildren to stay. With this in mind, Hiller and Fox eliminate the clutter with a new storage system; add a sleeping chair and a fun color palette to the room.

Before: This half of the room is full of jewelry-making supplies that need to be more organized and the boring white walls could also be made interesting so the space feels warmer.


After: Bright green walls set the stage for a colorful and productive craft/guest room. New bowls, bins and drawers increase the storage capacity by 100 percent and the whimsical accents make it a fun room to be in.

wall paint (Lime Rickey SW6717) (Sherwin-Williams)
sleeper chair (Sofa Express)
black side table (Cabot #4438537) (Pottery Barn)
green silk table lamp (K-C Hali), throw blanket (K-C Hippie Chick), beaded clips on valance (K-C Crazy Clips), beaded finials on curtain rod (K-PRP/GRN Finial w/ Tassel, PR), striped area rug (K-Betsy) (Bombay Kids)
blue cereal bowls, small silver dishes (Bed Bath & Beyond)
large purple sofa pillows, framed chair prints by Daniel Ng (Checked Chair, Red Chair 1, Red Chair 2, Green Chair) (Target)


Before: The other side of the room is for relaxing and when the homeowner's grandchildren come to visit, they need a place to sleep as well.


After: A sleeper chair is the perfect answer for daily use and easily becomes a bed when the grandkids are over. The colorful pillows and a side table are fun and functional.


Stretched canvases and latex paint or fabric can be used to create inexpensive artwork for a room when the budget is getting low.

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