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Fused Confetti Glass Sailboat Candy Dish

This project features a fused glass candy with the image of a sailboat.

In this project, Christal Cerrone of Durham, North Carolina, shows us how she makes a beautiful candy dish from glass.


clear, colored and dichroic glass
glass cutter
clear nail polish
confetti glass
safety gloves
dish mold


1. Start with a sketch of the boat on paper. Make two copies and cut one copy apart into pattern pieces for sail, hull, etc.

2. Cut a 7" x 7" clear and blue "frit and streamers" pre-fired (by manufacturer) piece of glass for the plate.

3. Cut glass for the main body of the boat and place on 7" x 7" base glass with sketch underneath for accurate placement. Use clear nail polish to secure pieces in place.

4. Use "noodles" and "stringers" to complete the mast, ropes, any parts of the top of the boat. These pre-fired items (prepared by the manufacturer) are easy to break in your hands--wear gloves.

5. Using confetti (very thin shards of glass), design the ocean, adding bits of dichroic glass to the ocean and sky.

6. Fire once at approximately 1425 F degrees. When it cools to room temperature, refire in a mold to achieve the candy dish shape.


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