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Sparkling Crystal and Glass Bridal Bead "Bouquet"

This crystal bouquet made from wire and beads is perfect for a wedding or bridal shower.

Nadia has been crafting since she was in third grade. Over the years, she played around with jewelry and accessory crafts, but it was for her own wedding where she came up the inspiration for her crystal bouquets. They took her an extremely long to time to wrap by hand--until her husband had the idea to use an electric drill!

Materials and Tools:

24-gauge sterling silver wire
various Austrian crystals and Czech glass beads
electric drill with keyless chuck
10 silver push pins
wire cutters
sheer ribbon


1. Cut wire into strips 12 to 14 inches long.

Figure A

2. Place one glass/crystal through one strip of wire. Place glass/crystal at mid-point of the wire and bend wire in half, with the glass/crystal at the top (figure A).

3. Start twisting by hand. Finish twisting ends of wires together with drill.

Figure B

4. Place individual stems into desired arrangement by hand. Wrap base of bouquet with the long strips of stems (figure B).

Figure C

5. Wrap base tightly with desired ribbon to secure stems into the arrangement (figure C). Continue to wrap the base for added decoration and bulk.

6. Secure ribbon ends into the top of bouquet base with push pins.

Figure D

7. Tie another strip of ribbon at top of bouquet to make a bow (figure D).

8. Attach beaded fringe to bottom.

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