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Hot Java Fused Glass Trivet

Lisa Vogt demonstrates the creation of this fun, colorful fused-glass trivet.

Thanks to Lisa Vogt of Wesley Chapel, Florida for this project.

Materials and Tools:

2 photocopies of a full-size design/pattern
1' white System 96 fusible glass
6" fusible glass each: marigold, red, orange
1 bottle cobalt blue medium frit
1 bottle light amber coarse frit
1 bottle medium amber powder-size frit
1 bottle clear mosaic-size frit
1 bottle blue powder-size frit
1 dichroic noodle
stringers: red, blue
wood frame
clear adhesive for wood and glass
white glue
palette knife
small paintbrush
paper towel


1. Cut a base piece of white fusible glass to 7-3/4-inches square.

2. Cut one each 1/2" x 12" strips of each marigold, red and orange fusible glass. Cut the strips into 2-inch pieces. You will need four of each color. Cut the remaining portion of the strips into 3/4-inch pieces. You will need two orange, one red and one marigold.

3. Place the 1/2" x 2" pieces on top of the base piece of glass around the perimeter to make a border. Alternate the three glass colors as you go. Fit the 1/2" x 3/4" pieces in at the end of each row to complete the border. Check the fit. Make adjustments if necessary.

4. Remove each of the pieces one by one. Apply a very small amount of white glue to the back of each piece of glass with a toothpick. Reposition the glass back on the base glass. Repeat until the entire border is held in place with glue.

5. Cut out the pieces of one of the patterns. Using the pattern as a guide, cut glass for the coffee cup and saucer.

6. Place the cut pieces on the whole pattern. Check the fit of the coffee cup pieces. Shape the glass on a wet grinder to improve the fit if necessary.

7. Arrange the cut pieces on the base glass. Tack them in place with a small amount of white glue.

8. Use a teaspoon to scoop light amber frit from the bottle. Spread it in a semicircle fashion on the base glass over the top of the coffee cup pieces.

9. Fill in the rest of the background up to the border with cobalt blue frit to a level of 1/8 inch.

10. Fill in the crevices around the light amber frit with powder medium frit.

11. Scatter random pieces of mosaic frit on the blue frit.

12. Use a dry paintbrush to remove any frit that may have spilled on the border or on the coffee cup pieces.

13. Use the paintbrush to work a small amount of powder blue frit into any spaces between the coffee cup pieces, to serve as the outlining.

14. Using the flame of a candle, bend a red stinger into a zigzag shape. Break the bent stringer into 2-inch-long pieces. Place them on the amber frit over the coffee cup.

15. Bend a blue stringer to decorate the saucer and the handle of the cup.

16. Cut a dichroic noodle into 1/4-inch pieces. Place them on the coffee cup.

17. Fire the assembled project in a kiln according to the manufacturer's published firing guide.

18. When finished firing and cooled, secure the fused tile in the wood frame with an appropriate adhesive.


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