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Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror

This decorative mirror mixes stained glass, mosaic and metalwork techniques and is sure to be a conversation piece.

Artist Janice Rieves from Moncure, North Carolina, has an ongoing interest in mixed media. She uses mosaic, stained glass and metalwork techniques to make this decorative mirror.

Materials and Tools:

colored glass
glass cutters
round MDF board *
adhesive caulk
beveled round mirror
white glue
copper band
sanded grout
* or use a jigsaw to cut your own circle


1. Cut glass to be used into triangular pieces, sort into color shades, and set aside.

2. Draw a circle on a piece of MDF using a compass. Cut the circle out with a jigsaw. Sand any rough places on the edges.

3. Coat the entire piece with a half water and half glue mixture and let dry.

4. Place a beveled circular mirror where desired and trace its position on the MDF.

5. Using a adhesive caulk, squeeze a continuous bead onto the MDF inside the traced circle and apply more within that. Carefully place mirror on the caulk, positioned within the traced circle, and press firmly.

6. Draw a wavy circular line around mirror onto the MDF. This will delineate color bands of glass. Using a full strength white glue and small artist's paintbrush, glue small circular mirrors onto MDF.

7. Liberally spread the glue onto about a 3" x 3" area and begin placing the triangles (dark blues within a wavy line, light blues outside of wavy line).

8. Let the glue dry. Depending on humidity and temperature, it could take a day or up to 4 days.

9. Edge the band using a copper strip cut to the circumference of the MDF circle.

10. Predrill nail holes using a small bit and drill, about every 3 inches.

11. Clean and polish the copper using steel wool. Using a hand-held propane torch, heat the copper band until it reaches the desired colors.

12. Using brass nails, lay copper band along side of the MDF and begin nailing, starting with one end and finishing up at the other.

13. Using polymer-fortified sanded grout in the color desired, mix some powder with water in a plastic container until a creamy frosting like consistency is reached. With a gloved hand, spread grout on all glass and up to big center mirror and out to the copper band. Try to avoid the beveled mirror because the sand in the grout can scratch the mirror.

14. After about 30 minutes, begin to wipe dry powdery grout of the piece. Buff to shine.

15. To hang the piece: Determine which side is "up" and mark it on the back of the piece. Turn the piece over. Drill two small holes and screw in eyehooks. Run a piece of picture-hanging wire through the eyehooks and twist ends securely.

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