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Metal and Ceramic Plant Stake

Add your personal touch to this ceramic and metal garden piece.

Aimee Bachna from Westlake, Ohio shares her process for creating this decorative garden piece, a plant stake with a decal embellishment.

Materials and Tools:

metal garden marker
3" round ceramic coaster
instant glue
decal paper
spray fixative
bowl of warm water
sequins with flat backs


1. Attach metal garden marker to the ceramic coaster using instant glue. Clamp together to set glue and let dry.

2. Scan a design into your computer and open it in a photo program to resize the image to fit a 3-inch round coaster.

3. Print image on water-slide decal paper. Spray the paper with fixative for two applications and let dry.

4. Cut out design and submerge in warm water design-side down for 1 minute.

5. Remove decal from paper backing and apply to ceramic coaster.

6. "Squeegee" any bubbles and dry with a towel. Wait until it's completely dry.

7. Apply sequins around the edges. Add your personal touch.

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