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Wanted: Functioning Family Room

The Aziz family enlists an expert to get their family room organized.

Newlyweds Kelly and Jehan Aziz have a great new home but haven't yet figured out what to do with all the space and their stuff. The problem is especially prevalent in the family room. The 15 x 15-foot space has become a holding area for maps, books, photos and laundry that's not getting done.

Professional organizer Liz Witts comes to the rescue to help the Azizes reclaim this family room once and for all. She starts by helping them sort through all the clutter in the room, deciding what should be kept and what gets tossed.

With the room cleared, it's time for Witts to reveal her plan for the space. That plan includes bringing in a new interchangeable entertainment center and plenty of efficient shelving for storage as well as creating a home theater and painting the walls a fresh blue color to give the room a whole new feel. See the results below.

Before: Instead of a spacious retreat to relax, watch movies or read, this family room was cluttered with everything from maps to books, photos and even laundry.

After: Now it is a roomy, cozy place fit for both chilling out and entertaining. All the stuff that was strewn about now has a home, and there's even some room to grow.

Products from Lillian Vernon:

three-section mesh clothes hamper
four magazine holders
three hanging baskets

Products from Home Decorators Collection:

four Technic Three-Head spotlights, polished steel

Products from Hold Everything:

two three-shelf bookcases from the Palmer Shelving section, Golden Oak finish
four large book-case baskets

Products from The Container Store:

four jumbo shelves, White
two large Crunch Cans
four shantung photo boxes, Olive

Products from The Dog Outfitters:

Bay Isle dog crate

Products from Stacks and Stacks:

table light Globe Touch finish, brass plate/Blue
wall-mounted ironing board, birch veneer
end table with basket storage and liner
room divider with photo display, Natural (not available)

Sherwin-Williams paint colors used:

two gallons Aleutian, eggshell finish (for the walls)
two gallons Icicle, eggshell finish (for the ceiling and laundry room)
one gallon Icicle, semigloss finish (for the trim)

Products from Smith & Noble:

3/8" Twilight single-cell shade, Color: Ocean 2708, inside mount, 32-1/2 wide by 13-1/4 high, loop control, no hold-down clips, cord position left

Products from Schulte Distinctive Storage:

freedomRail system entertainment center

Products from the National Geographic Home Collection:

storage cocktail table

Before: Yet another inefficient spot in the room, this wall featured two large closets that stayed partially or fully blocked most of the time.

After: Opposite the new seating along the back wall, a pull-down screen and surround-sound speakers complete the home theater. The wall and ceiling mounts clear the path to the closets.

Before: The fireplace, normally a great point of interest in a room, was virtually ignored, surrounded by boxes and baskets of miscellaneous pieces of furniture and clutter.

After: Now new matching bookcases stand on either side of the fireplace and hold boxes of the photos, magazines and accessories that littered the room before.

Before: On this wall is more of the same — no order whatsoever, and more importantly, no room to even sit down.

After: Now the wall boasts a large interchangeable entertainment center that stores all those CDs, DVDs and videos.

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