Ornate Victorian Bedroom

Meg and Greg Dye haven't had time to decorate their newly remodeled master bedroom in their 1887 Victorian home and now look to design student K. Williams to help them add life to this unfinished space.

  • Tackling reconstruction is one thing, but the Dyes have hit a wall when it comes to designing their recently-renovated Victorian bedroom and need help taking it to the next level.
  • Modern materials blend beautifully into this home built in 1887. An ornate fireplace facade accented with marble tile brings a lighter tone to the dark molding found throughout.
  • Sheets as curtains aren't exactly making the statement the couple would like and all the time they took refinishing the trim isn't being highlighted.
  • Long panels that stack beyond the trim offer the softness the windows need during the day and privacy at night.
  • This bed nook is a unique feature the couple is having a hard time combining with the rest of their space and the TV stand isn't exactly the most pleasing arrangement either.
  • Warm tan walls with a stencil design around the nook area along with new sconces reminiscent of gas lanterns make this section of the room comfortable and inviting.


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      Kaleidoscope Design
      Chicago, IL
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