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Colorful Kitchen and Family Room

Sandie and Anatole Falagan would like to update their kitchen and family room to reflect their Hispanic heritage.

Sandie and Anatole Falagan’s 40-year-old home was outdated when they bought it in 1998, but they had to put off remodeling when they had children. They now want to begin the process of creating the home they always dreamed of, starting with the two most-used rooms: the kitchen and family room.

With a budget of $65,000, the Falagans would like to update their kitchen with new cabinets and counters, new appliances, as well as new lighting and flooring. In the family room, they would like new furniture, an updated fireplace, new lighting and a better layout of the room to express their Hispanic heritage while also creating an inviting, kid-friendly environment.

granite countertops (color: Peacock Green) - All-In-One Stone Services
wood floors (Lauzon/Santos Mahogany) - California Cushion & Carpet
custom built-in cabinets (door style: Trenton) – Hernandez Cabinets
sectional/dining room chairs – Kravet
backsplash tiles (Talavera/Listello & Espanola Blanco) – Mexican Handcrafted Tile
artwork – Partners Art & Framing

Before, cabinets

After, cabinets

Before, seating area

After, seating area

Before, fireplace

After, fireplace

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