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Fused-Glass Photo Frame

Create your own colored glass picture frame like the one pictured here.

Thanks to P. Tracey Ludwin from Long Beach, California

Materials and Tools:

glass: green, clear
1/16" fiber paper
two 4" brass wires
glass cutter
glass nippers
round-nose pliers
bucket of water
flat tool to remove fiber
razor blade


1. Cut strips of glass from large sheets of green and clear. Cut strips to frame size.

2. Cut fiber paper to size with a razor blade. Twist eye brass wire ends into spirals.

3. Glue fiber and then wire to one side of colored glass, leaving some sticking out.

4. Clean clear glass and then glue on top. Fiber and wire are in between. Let glue dry for about 24 hours.

5. Fire in kiln at 1520 F degrees for 24 hours.

6. Remove from kiln and drop in water. Remove/scrap fiber from frame with tool. It will have created a slot for a photo.

7. Clear glass will be a bit jagged and will need to be grinded a bit.

8. Bind wires back to form an easel stand for the frame.

9. Cut photo to size and place in frame.

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