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Ribbon Flower Pin Belt

Rachael Price from Durham, N.C., creates a fun and easy-to-make designer belt using ribbon and a flower pin.

Materials and Tools:

main and accent ribbed ribbon
plastic white "O" ring
small silk flower
flat-backed pin
hot glue gun and glue sticks
sequins to match flower


1. Measure the size of your pant waist using your ribbon. Note that the pant waist is different than your actual waist, because some pants fit low or higher the waist; measure where you wear your pants, not your actual waist.

2. Cut the ribbon to size. Sew the accent ribbon onto the main ribbon.

3. Fold the ribbon in half. Sew down the long sides of the ribbon.

4. Attach the "O" ring to the unfinished edge of the ribbon, pulling it down the ribbon so there is about 1 inch of ribbon left on one side.

5. Fold the unfinished edge over the "O" ring, tucking the unfinished edge under and sew.

6. Sew the sequins down the center.

7. To make the flower pin: Pop the top of the silk flower off of the stem. Using the hot glue gun, attach the flat-back pin to the flower.

8. Pin the flower pin onto your new belt.

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