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Living Room Desert Oasis

An all-white living room is warmed up with canyon colors.

White-on-white wasn't right for this formal living room. Warm desert colors and a Southwest style transform the all-white room.

Design Details
Lee Snijders, Charles Burbridge and Summer Baltzer punch up the living room's palette with canyon colors and Southwestern accents. Here's how:

Furniture - $478

  • Snijders builds a coffee table with a built-in water feature. The basic elements are finish grade birch plywood and 18x18 tiles that look like slate. The electrical and water pump parts are hidden underneath the tile. A plastic planter is used as a return for the water. (fountain pump: Lowe's - 102241 120GPH Statuary; tile: California Tile - 10/ISA 427)

  • New furniture includes a table behind the sofa. (sofa table: Lowe's - Mission, 222854)

Lighting and Accessories - $325

  • Snijders builds two ladders out of landscaping timbers and pine boards to hold plants on either side of the fireplace. Other new pieces include lamps, pillows and art prints. (poles for ladders: Lowe's - Sturdy Stake, 93167; lamps: Lowe's - Lg flame table lamps, 149310; pillows: Linens 'n Things - Alexander, 047218592613 Gold; pillows: Linens 'n Things - Pinwheel - 738790564210 Crimson; prints: Canadian Art prints - 8675 Orsattoni Palm Retreat; 8676 Orsattoni Palm Oasis)

Window Treatments - $130

  • Burbridge customizes wine-colored curtain panels with a traditional Navajo design. He creates a stencil out of posterboard and reinforces it with self-adhesive shelf liner to make it waterproof. He uses interior flat wall paint and a natural sea sponge to paint the stencil. After it dries, he runs a hot iron over the backside to set the paint and remove the wrinkles. (curtains: Target - Home, 068030470; valance: Target - Home, 068030474)

Paint - $65

  • Baltzer gives the stucco fireplace a face-lift with a faux paint treatment. She applies a honey-colored base coat then mixes four parts glaze with one part paint in a peanut butter color, which she rags over the top coat. (paint for fireplace and wall: Benjamin Moore - Mann Brothers, Santa Fe Tan 2097-40; paint for fireplace: Benjamin Moore - Mann Brothers, Semolina 2155-40)

Project Total - $998

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