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Broken Glass Soap Dish

In this project, Lucia Yang from San Pedro, Calif., uses leftover pieces of glass to make a glass soap dish.

Materials and Tools:

two pieces 5"x 3-1/2" clear glass
colored broken glass
fiber paper
glass cutters
alcohol or glass cleaner


1. Clean the clear glass with alcohol or glass cleaner.

2. Break one piece of the clear glass.

3. Sift the fine glass from all of the broken glass and save it for other use. Place the bigger clear glass pieces on top of the whole piece of clear glass.

4. Sprinkle colored glass around the clear glass.

5. Carefully place the dish in the kiln and fire it at 1370 F degrees for a partial fusing.

6. After firing remove the flat piece of glass; it will have texture to it.

7. Cut four strips of fiber paper the same length of the dish. Place fiber paper in kiln first and then place dish on top of paper. Slump the dish at 1250 F degrees overnight.

8. Remove from kiln when cool and clean with water.

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