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Fused Glass Flower Plate

Lucia Yang from San Pedro, Calif., creates unique fused glass lighting fixtures, plates and bowls.

Materials and Tools:

10" x10" clear glass
10"x 10" green glass
red broken glass
drawn flower paper pattern
fiber paper (to transfer the flower drawing to)
10" x 10" square mold
glass grinder
glass clearer or alcohol


1. Clean the clear and green glass with glass cleaner or alcohol.

2. Place the green glass on top of the clear and fire them in the kiln overnight, for 18 hours, to 1450 F degrees. The two pieces will become one stronger, thicker piece.

3. Draw or trace your flower design on paper. Use the reverse image as a stencil and draw it on the fiber paper.

4. Cut the fiber paper along the lines you drew. Lay out this flower image on the kiln shelf and place the fired green piece on top of it.

5. Slump the piece at 1250 F degrees. The piece will come out with flower shape depression (indentation).

6. Clean and break red glass (you can use scrap glass) into pieces or use red glass frits you can purchase in the store. Fill the indented area with red glass and fire the piece again at 1450 F degrees overnight.

7. When done and cooled, check edges of plate and grind any rough ones.

8. Place flat plate on top of ceramic square mold inside of kiln to create an indentation in center of plate. Slump the piece at 1250 F degrees in kiln overnight.

9. Allow to cool and remove from kiln.

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