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Large Display Shelf

Build a display shelf for the perfect way to show your favorite collectibles.

Materials and Tools:

pine lumber
tongue and groove pine boards
miter saw
wood glue
finish nails
nail gun or hammer


1. This display cabinet is basically a shelf system with a top, bottom and a center shelf. The back is made of tongue and groove pine boards. Cut the top, bottom, shelf and sides to the desired dimensions using a miter saw. Attach these pieces together using wood glue and nails to create the outer frame.

2. Connect the back pieces and nail them into position. To complete the box, cut a shelf to length and place it within the box resting against the back and secure from the side and the back with nails.

3. Draw the desired design for the top back piece and the side wings on a piece of pine and use a jigsaw to cut them out. After sanding each piece, attach them using wood glue and finish nails from the bottom.

4. Stain or paint the piece as desired.

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